Health & Welfare Resources

Our experience encompasses a wide range of offerings, including health care, pharmacy, dental, life, disability, long term care and more.

Communication Resources

As the cost of providing quality benefit plans continue to escalate it is extremely important that your employees recognize the value of your benefit package.

HR & Benefits Technology

We provide various information and technology resources designed to streamline human resources processes, enhance employee benefit communication  and provide a level of employee self-service.

Wellness Resources

An effective wellness strategy can help employers and their employees lower costs and improves their health.



It’s a relief to know we have people we trust working for us at Schuster Group. Over the years, we have found great value in their expertise in finding creative ways to provide a comprehensive benefits package to our employees. We value our long standing relationship and their support. When a medical provider didn’t come through for an employee who needed cancer medications, Rollin and his team were right there with us, after hours, negotiating for the medication and made a real difference. Laura Mello, Reliance Health

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